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    ABROLL – household waste container

    The household waste container with side lids is used mainly for the collection of municipal waste in cities and towns. Bevelled sides with plastic or steel lids allow easy filling of the container. The container is manufactured in standard, reinforced, lightweight and corrugated versions.


    • container manufactured according to DIN 30 722.1
    • feed hook, height – 1570 mm
    • supporting frame – INP 180 – outer dimension 1065 mm – reinforced in the middle
    • connecting the wall to the floor – 45°or 90°
    • the container can be equipped with 6 to 8 lids
    • lids: plastic and steel unsprung, steel sprung
    • central locking of the lid
    • doors: double door, tipper door
    • container size according to the customer’s wishes
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