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    The tank type container 13.8 m3 with internal dimensions 6000x2300x1250 mm excels mainly in its massive robust construction ensuring high stability even in the most demanding conditions. It is an aid in the handling and application of liquids. The inner space of the tank is painted with a top base, intermediate layer and self-priming two-component epoxy anti-corrosion high-dry paint in a thickness of approx. 100µm.


    The tank is made of steel plates with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. The tank is equipped with reinforcing elements and internal breakwaters to prevent fluid overflow, as well as baffles to prevent air from being sucked into the pump at low liquid levels. Filling of the tank is ensured by means of a side and rear filling opening with a fire extinguisher quick coupling type “C”. The equipment includes lacquered suction hose holders in the color of the container, a front sight glass with a watermark for checking the filling status and an overflow on the front of the container (this ensures that the tank is not pressurized and excess air is removed from the free space). Two lids fastened with stainless steel screws ensure easy access and simple maintenance of the inside of the container. The tank is also equipped with a lockable storage space in the rear for small tools and container accessories. Under the storage space there is space for a high-performance petrol pump and valve distribution, the entire space is covered by a waterproof tarpaulin in the color of the container secured with an aluminum strip. The tarpaulin can be rolled up and left secured with a carabiner. Behind the pump, there is a distribution system with sprinkler sprinklers, which, in cooperation with a powerful pump, ensure a wide range of surface spray. The visible part of the tank is painted with an upper two-component polyurethane paint with a thickness of approx. 60 μm.

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